About Agape Addiction Free

Our story

We are a group of recovering addicts and addiction therapists wanting to help you stay addiction free forever.

We do this with published articles, e-books, webinars, e-courses, phone interviews, tele – face to face conferences, and any other practical online tool that will aid you in staying addiction free forever..

Our mission

“Restore and Maintain individuals and families to psychological, social, physical, and spiritual health.”

What can We do for you?

We Coach.

Using online webinars, phone interviews, texting and tele-face to face conferences platforms like Skype or Whatsapp. Connecting you to Illuminating therapists and coaches, Improving your addiction FREE lifestyle daily.

We Speak.

Common sense language that is easy to understand that will help you get provable quick long-lasting results. Improving your addiction FREE lifestyle daily.

We Write.

Inspiring Articles, Instructional e-books, Informative webinars, Instructional e-courses, Improving your addiction FREE lifestyle daily.

Need advice?

Call our 24HR recorded hotline anytime; Leave a message and one of our therapists or coaches will contact you as soon as possible.

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Let us help you maintain your addiction FREE lifestyle.

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